All about how Berkley came to be: Part 2 Birth!

This won’t be the most exciting birth story you have ever heard- exactly what I had hoped for! As mentioned in my previous post, my amazing doctor set up an induction date for me of April 7th (if I made it there!). I know induction, especially before 40 weeks, can be controversial. All I can say, is don’t judge until you have been through what I have. I really really needed this.

We checked into the hospital the night of April 6th to get things started.  Unfortunately I was only dilated to a 1 when we got there.  After a suppository to “ripen my cervix” (I know.. barf) I was maybe a 1.5.  We were in a for long process!  Pitocin was started around 8am on April 7th and literally the day went like this: still nothing.. up pitocin…still nothing…up pitocin…still nothing… up pitocin.   They finally came and broke my water around lunch and things started to somewhat progress, but I think I was maybe a 4 at 4pm. Ha. At this point we all started thinking maybe this was going to be an April 8th baby vs. April 7th.  The many texts asking for updates started slowing at this point as well.   I did decide to get an epidural at some point in the afternoon. Contractions were finally starting to pick up and they were about 2 mins apart.  You always hear stories about it being too late and I didn’t want to take any chances.  I had decided before going in to get induced that I was OK with having an easier birth experience. I would LOVE to try naturally if there is a next time, but for this round I needed to be in a very controlled environment & I was OK with NOT being in a ton of pain. 🙂

Finally about 7pm, I think I was still somewhere between a 5-6 and my doctor said she was going to head to the other hospital where she had some patients and they were going to keep monitoring baby and just to let them know if I felt any strange pressure.  I felt so numb from the epidural, I started thinking how I wouldn’t even be able to feel any pressure at all so I asked the anesthesiologist to come back in and lower my dose.  I wanted to be able to feel things.

FINALLY, about 9pm I had 2 super strong contractions and I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe those did feel a little different.  I asked my nurse to check me and sure enough she looked up at me and said “you are going to have a baby”.  And I lost it.  If you know me well, you know I am not an emotional person. And actually that’s not even that true.  I am very emotional but I don’t show it in front of other people.  Waterworks galore- was this really happening?? Finally?? Of course, my mom caught my tears on camera.  Good work, Mom.


Everyone except for Adam left the room, my nurse called my doctor and had me try a few practice pushes while we were waiting for the doctor.  During the second push she actually had me stop because baby girl was right there and the doctor wasn’t in the room yet.    My doctor got there.  Again had me do a push – and then stopped me – because she wasn’t scrubbed in and baby girl was right there.  Once she was scrubbed in,  it was game time.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE giving birth? Like, if you told me I had to go have a baby today I would jump for joy. It is the most amazing experience.  The fact that our body’s can even do that is baffling.

It took me just a few pushes to deliver Berkley.   As they pulled her out- she let out a loud cry and I was finally able to relax a little.  My little girl was here, alive.  Adam and I were literally in awe of her.  She was laid on my chest immediately and they started wiping her off.   So was so beautiful, adorable, the most cute thing I had ever seen. Truly.

Berkley Ann Griffin

April 7, 2015 at 9:55pm

6lb 12 oz, 20.5in


20150407_212829file (1)

20150407_231047file (2)      20150407_22212520150407_221708  20150409_11514420150409_12075220150409_115359file (3)

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  1. Brittany Reply

    She is perfect. I love these pictures. She is so blessed to have you as parents and have Cade as her big brother in heaven looking after her.

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