Just when everything was going smooth… there is always something isn’t there?!

Berkley was born April 7th (birth story coming soon).  Breastfeeding is something I didn’t put a lot of thought into while I was pregnant. I was so focused on mentally getting through my pregnancy & having a baby in my arms that things like vaccinations, breastfeeding, etc. I literally didn’t really think about until I was asked about both while in labor.

Luckily, Berkley came out ready to eat. Within 20 mins of her being born she was successfully latched and eating (of course, who knows if anything actually came out).   The next day or two, things continued to go well. I wasn’t in pain and she continued to seem to love to eat… all was good.  It did take a full 4 days for my milk to come in so we were borderline on needing to supplement but finally my milk was in and she was gaining weight so no supplementation was necessary.

Fast forward to 8 weeks. Berkley had been especially fussy. Some days better than others but my sweet angel baby was more of a really cute but really challenging baby all of the sudden 😉  Then things got crazy.  It was a Friday night and she lost it.  Crying for 2 hours straight, couldn’t calm her down. It was miserable.  By the time we got her to sleep both Adam and I were beat.  Her 2 month appt was on that coming Tuesday.  I took her temp to confirm she didn’t have a fever and decided to wait to talk to our doctor until our appt because, well, babies cry, right?!

At her 2 month appt, Berkley weighed in at 8lb5oz which was the 1.34% for weight (still 60% for height!).  Mystery solved. She was hungry and wasn’t getting enough from me.   Enter mom-guilt.  I drove straight home, raided my measly frozen milk stash and gave her a big bottle of milk. I watched as she slipped into the most amazing food coma and drift off to sleep.  As I watched her drift off to sleep I thought whoa..this is what she’s like with a full belly.

Since then I have been working with a lactation consultant, supplementing Berkley’s meals and just trying my hardest to get it back up!!! So far, things are about the same but here is what I am currently doing- 1 week into this debacle.

  • I rented a hospital grade pump and am trying to pump as many times as possible/day. I am averaging about 5-8 times.
  • More Milk Plus
  • Fenugreek galore
  • Homemade bone broth from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook
  • Lactation cookies (I ate a ton as well as Adam and my friends.  Adam’s supply hasn’t increased either)
  • Lots of fluids
  • A higher fat/caloric diet (bacon & eggs every day for breakfast!)

So far my output isn’t very different, but I am going to give it a month.  My body has been through a lot in the past 2 years (surgery, 2 pregnancies, grief). My body may just be telling me it needs a break!  The most important thing is that she gains weight- she clocked in at 9lb8oz yesterday. And I totally feel like I have a new baby.

Anyone have any ideas or tips for me?



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  1. Ivy Reply

    Emily, first off, you are an amazing writer! I came across your blogspot a few years ago & discovered we had several mutual KC friends. We were married around the same time & I laughed right along with your early posts, followed your pregnancy with Cade, cried with you on your last post on the previous blog & have prayed for you & your family. Then randomly I clicked the other day & was so happy to see you’re writing again! Thank you for sharing your bravery & your stories. Ok, so my reason for commenting. I have literally been nursing since I had my first daughter in September 2012. I’m crazy, I know! My biggest advice is to nurse more, pump less. Baby can output much more milk than the pump & remember that it’s supply/demand, so the more you output, the more you’ll produce. Have you looked at the La Leche League website for ideas? I know they have an active Denver chapter 🙂 I actually came across this info sheet the other day that I thought had great, not well-known nursing information (below) Congratulations on your beautiful family & strong spirit- keep writing! http://www.noodlesoup.com/workingandbreastfeedingpad.aspx

    1. andthencamebaby Reply

      Thank you so much!! I know that baby can get a bigger output. Things are not where they need to be yet but today was the first time I nursed her this morning and she seemed satisfied… she even fell asleep for a nap without needing more! So maybe, just maybe things are on the uptick?!

  2. Emily Reply

    Take some time to relax. Stress can definitely decrease milk supply – no matter what else you’re doing to keep it up. Get a message, a pedicure, something for you! Your mind frame is just as important as your physical state. And of course – enjoy that milk drunk baby!! 🙂

    1. andthencamebaby Reply

      Thank you! I took your advice and got a pedi 🙂

  3. Brittany Reply

    Ok hi again – so do not stress yourself out about this because as the person above said, stress makes it worse! But you are doing all the right things it sounds like. Drink a TON of water. Seriously!! And pump for sure first thing in the morning AFTER you feed her. I pumped with both Charlie and Maddie the instant we got home from the hospital because I knew I wanted to build up a big supply since I was going back to work and it seemed to work. But it it doesn’t, it will all be just fine. All she needs is loving from you and Adam and she’ll be great!

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