The start of something new

Another blog?! Yep! This has been a work in progress for quite some time (my previous blog can be found HERE).  After Cade passed away, I started writing and filing my writing away.  I never published them.  I am not sure why- I think it is because I was so depressed I felt I had nothing of value to add to anyone’s day and I didn’t want people to associate me with this dark cloud over my head all the time, even though that is exactly how I felt.

Writing is therapeutic.  And now with a new baby home – Berkley Ann (also referred to as B, Berk, Berkie, Berkley Bear… you get the picture)- I want to be able to document our life and provide a resource (and maybe some hope) for those people currently walking through the trenches of infertility or loss.  I spent last summer just googling things like infant death & infant loss trying to find other people similar to me.  I did find some and they were a huge help to me as I read about their stories and got to follow along in their journey.

I am literally a different person now from the girl in The Adam and Emily Show….although she was kinda funny and possibly witty at times 🙂 New girl, new baby, new stories, new blog!



7 thoughts on “The start of something new

  1. Brittany Reply

    EMILY!! OMG! I love this. I have no idea why, but I decided to go to your blog tonight and then found this. While a blog is so transparent and work to maintain, you won’t regret documenting all your feelings and emotions and I know you will help SO many mamas going through all the struggles you have gone through in the past couple of years. So so proud of you my friend to share your stories and cannot wait to see more of Berkley on here and see you guys in KC!

    Love you!!

  2. Lindsay Sieben Reply

    Emily- I just have to say I have followed Adams stories & have the book & now that I have found your blog I am so grateful for it. You say you hope you can be someone’s support & story of hope and I hope that you know you are helping me. My husband & I have been trying to have a baby for 16 months now & due to “unexplained infertility” we are seeing a RE in Wichita. It’s the saddest, hardest, most confusing thing I’ve ever been through & it’s so calming to know that you aren’t alone bc that’s def how it starts to feel. Anyways, Berkeley is nothing but beautiful & I am so very happy for you & Adam; you both are such talented writers. Enjoy KC & know you have helped me. Xoxo, Lindsay

    1. andthencamebaby Reply

      Thanks for the comment, Lindsay! It really means a lot. I’ll be thinking of you. I’m sure unexplained infertility is even more confusing and frustrating. At least we had answers. Hopefully they get to the bottom of it soon.

      I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Emily Koehn Reply

    Hey Em,

    I actually sent you an email a few weeks ago and never heard back. Wanted to make sure you received it?

    I stumbled upon your site, as well. LOVE it! My husband and I have been trying for Baby #2 for over 2 years now with a couple miscarriages and ovarian cysts to show for it.

    We see a RE this Wednesday. Terrified, scared, excited, and anxious to say the least.

    Thank you for your words in this blog. It is comforting to hear of others that have gone through this…whether that makes it better or not, I’m not sure. But at least it helps to know I’m not alone!

    P.S. Miss Berkley is just a doll : )

    1. andthencamebaby Reply

      Hey Emily!
      Thanks for writing to me a second time 🙂 I just want to make sure you got MY email back to you. I sent it to your email address. I hope your appt went well and you have some next steps planned.

      1. Emily Koehn Reply

        Yes, I did receive your email! Thank you for responding : ) Appt went well, surgery to remove ovarian cyst (6 cm) this next week. I’m nervous (no, terrified) but I want to start moving forward. Any thoughts on recovering from surgery?

        1. andthencamebaby Reply

          I had a harder time recovering than others that I know did (but it was really only the first few days after). Hopefully yours is quick!! Just take it easy. I know some that felt pretty much fine in like 2 days. I had some weird side effects to the gas they use to fill your abdomen. Good luck!! It will be over before you know it and it is just one step closer…

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