KC here we come!

We are moving to Kansas City!  There I said it.  It is sooooo bittersweet, but things are in motion – our relator put the “coming soon” sign in our yard today.  I really can’t believe it and it doesn’t seem real yet.  A year ago I swore I would never live in KC again and here I am… moving back.  Never say never!

I went back to work part time last week and will be working remote (T, W, Th). Adam’s job is what set this wheel in motion. He manages a remote team, so he can really work from anywhere.  We are so excited to be closer to family.  After what we have been through, family really trumps everything else and we want Berkley to be around family all the time.

We are so excited to try something new.  Thinking of this like an adventure although I am very nervous because we LOVE Denver.  But we can always move back, right?

One thought on “KC here we come!

  1. Brittany

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I cannot wait. Now I need to convince you guys to move to the burbs 🙂

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