Remembering Cade

Between the move to Kansas City, working, getting the house set up, etc. life has been busy busy (and this blog has not been a top priority).  I want to take a moment to reflect and level-set.  A year ago I was about 8 weeks pregnant, still extremely upset and sad about losing Cade and just out of my mind with grief.  I remember days at the office where I could feel the tears welling up and rushing to the bathroom before people noticed me.

I felt so honored to be asked by DenverMetroMoms to write a post about Cade and our story.  It went live today.  In every moment of extreme joy and happiness there is an opposite emotion being experienced by families around the globe.  Today, there are babies being lost and families experiencing what we went through March 13-15, 2014.   They are literally always on my mind.