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Say what? Yes I know.  I set up this appointment in early October.  Lots of questions now that I would be out of state.  After setting up the appointment (which wasn’t happening until late November) I had a lot of weird feelings.  The all-too-familiar stress that settled in my gut. The thought of shots, the heart wrenching waiting for results feelings, excitement, etc.

Then November was here and my appointment came and went so quick.  You know how you build things up in your head?  Well I was pretty much on the phone with them for 10-15 mins max.  I asked a lot of questions like how does it work being out of state? How many times will I go to CO? Do I need an RE or OB/GYN or both in KC? Etc. etc.   Full disclosure here.  I LOVED Dr. Brown. She was with me through getting pregnant with Cade and right after Cade died until I got pregnant with Berkley. She cried with me (a lot) and was just on my team.  She went to bat for me to get by their “6 month rule”.  Anyways, she moved to Vermont and I so I had my consult with Dr. Minjarez which I have always heard great things about.  I have met with her a few times in Dr. Brown’s place and just felt like we never ‘clicked’.  But you don’t need to click when it comes to spending tons of money. I know she is a great doctor. Anyways, this is a long-winded way of saying that she is also leaving CCRM!!  She has been there forever but is moving to Cali.  So as of this afternoon I now am under a third CCRM doctor.  The good news is my nurse is still my nurse. She probably doesn’t remember me but I remember her and she is great and on top of it.  And I trust her. And at CCRM you talk with your nurse tons more times than your doctor.  You need to be with a good nurse.  Did you hear me CCRM ladies?  Make sure you like and trust your nurse.

So what’s my plan? My plan is to go out in December get my diagnostics done.   CCRM makes you re-do a lot.  Hysteroscopy, 3-D ultrasound, blood work. Pretty much the whole thing for just a transfer.  Assuming they go well then I will play it by ear as far as scheduling something in 2016.  Am I ready?  I think so.  What is holding me back? Well…. my pregnancies are VERY nerve wracking. They are high-risk. I know too much and its tough mentally. I also know so many other people that I feel pretty connected to that are still stuck trying for #1. I want them to do this before me. I want them to experience this before I (God willing) experience pregnancy for a third time.


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  1. Deb

    I had Dr. Schoolcraft, who has TERRIBLE bedside manner. But, he really knows his stuff. My best advice for being out of state going to CCRM is to find a clinic you LOVE locally because you will get to know them as well as you know CCRM! I’m still nursing but will probably have a phone consult with Schoolcraft a few months after Calvin turns one. There is an AMAZING online support group on Facebook CCRM Open group (ironic because it’s closed), CCRM pregnancy support and CCRM Mom support. I’m a member of all three, and it’s fantastic because all of these ladies are out of state. So, if it’s hard to get in touch with your nurse or you don’t want to have to call, these ladies have all been through it as well and likely know the answer.

    1. andthencamebaby

      I’ll definitely check it out. Of course I am already obsessing over everything. Pulling out old calendars, etc. just to jog my memory. I just loved Dr. Brown. Unfortunately I think all of the CCRM docs just work with too many patients that they don’t have the capacity to be bad-ass docs & give you great bedside manner every time. I LOVE our nurse over at the Denver office- Carolyn. She has been there for a really long time and I think she is just so knowledgable. I just hate that you always are waiting for a call back. Thanks for the group recommendations. I will definitely check those out!!

      1. Deb

        Dr. Brown did my egg retrieval, and I really liked her! I will definitely have to mentally prepare to go through it all again. It’s such a unique and stressful lifestyle.

        1. andthencamebaby

          Its so stressful! Definitely something you have to gear up for! The waiting for results is the worst part for me…

  2. Emily Koehn

    Oh, this makes me soooo happy to see you will be starting the process again! As much as it sucks, it helps me immensely to go through it “with” someone else.

    We have all of our testing done and have been given the green light to start baby making….no meds for now. Lots of crazy news after surgery, including crazy amounts of endometriosis (that is all “cleaned up” now) and a uterus that has a defect, which was probably present at birth. However, she thinks pregnancy can be achieved on our own, but I may deliver early again. Dear. God.

    I’ll pray for you, if you pray for me 🙂

    1. andthencamebaby

      That’s GREAT news. Good luck- definitely will send prayers your way 🙂

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