KC vs. Denver

We are coming up on 3 months of life in Kansas City. Life is going well as far as living here but I have been so homesick for Colorado.  I didn’t realize it until we lived here, but I actually do feel like Denver is “home”. I literally could cry about it while typing this post (and I have had multiple cry-seshes about it).    Here are some differences that I notice in day to day life (other than not seeing mountains daily) 😉

Recycling. Denver makes it so easy. They take glass, there are recycle & trash cans everywhere. I was rarely in a place where I had to throw a water bottle in the trash.  I loved this.   In our Kansas City home we recycle and we recycle glass. The glass recycling is through a different company and we manually drop it every 2 weeks which works for us, but sadly I would assume not many KC peeps actually take the time to do this.

Daycare.  We have a nanny for Berkley that has been excellent! But while I was looking for options I toured several day cares.  All were a lot less per month than Denver, but had crazy waiting lists!! So win/lose I guess.  The daycare we had chose in Denver was hella expensive but offered organic food.  I will absolutely pay more for an organic menu.  Adam and I care a lot about the food that we eat and the food we put into Berkley’s body. I haven’t found that here (yet). Hoping there is some childcare center out there that offers this.

The “buzz”. This one is hard to describe but something Adam and I have talked about a few times.  The buzz was real and alive when the Royals were in the World Series.  The city was alive and it was so fun to be here!  But now it has kind of died. People are back to their day to day.  Denver…. “the buzz” is real.  People LOVE living there. They are active and out and about all the time.  Any week night we could walk to a local brewery and it would be packed with not only adults but babies, strollers and dogs.  We SO miss this.  Maybe I just haven’t found it yet.

Church. Good churches galore in Kansas City. Denver had great churches as well. The main difference is so many of my friends here go to church!  Its more of a thing you do on Sundays here and I really like that.  Lots of grounded families here.

Crime. I can only talk about this pulling from my experiences so far.  We lived in a city neighborhood in Denver.  Your garage would get “tagged”, our scooter got stollen.  Packages would get picked up off your porch if you didn’t pull them in, etc.  In our current neighborhood, there has been 2 armed robberies & a homicide all less than a mile away since we have lived here.  Holy sh*t.  That is a whole other level of crime.  Thank goodness we have an awesome alarm system.  And we live in a pretty nice area so this has just been surprising!

As you can probably tell.  I really miss Denver. I am still adjusting to life here.  Ideally, we would like to live in both places which I think we could swing (maybe by a condo in Denver)? It’s just so challenging when you think about the childcare situation…  And from reading this post, maybe I am a hippie and didn’t realize it until now 🙂  One thing we LOVE is our actual house.  I will be posting pics soon!!