3/4th Old

I cannot believe it, but we have a NINE month old!  The holidays were so fun with her minus the fact that she literally tried to pull the Christmas tree on top of herself at least 56 times. I cannot wait until next year when she gets what is going on somewhat.  We were all around the world (U.S.) and back again. Denver for a week, KC for the holidays, Dallas for NYE!   We needed a quick breather hence my hiatus!

IMG_2311Current Berkley favorites:

  • Mamamama ALLLL DAY LONG. I think Mama to her means “I want” and/or “hold me”
  • Her obsession with the mobile that hangs over her changing table.  It has all different strings that dangle down and her mission in life is to catch one.  If she gets one in each hand- the look of accomplishment on her face is so hilarious.  In addition she literally GASPS (really dramatically for a really long time).  I have got to get this on video STAT.
  • She has figured out the stairs- she can book it up them if she wants. Not sure this is my favorite thing but definitely a new trick for sure!
  • She still doesn’t want to hold her own bottle- which I don’t mind!
  • I’ve started to tell her no.  Sometimes I make the sound “ah-ah” instead of no.  It literally makes her belly laugh at me.  Its really hard – actually impossible to keep a straight face.  Last week she was in the cart at Target and she kept trying to put the buckle in her mouth. I kept saying gross and “ah-ah”. She was laughing probably the hardest I have heard her laugh so far.  I was dying.  This whole discipline thing should go well….

IMG_2232First Christmas Recap– just a tad belated. We went and saw Santa Christmas Eve at Crown Center where the real santa is. At least that’s what my mom always told us growing up. It gets confusing how Santa can be everywhere at once. So the real Santa is at Crown Center and all of his helpers are the others that you see around town 😉  She was fearless. Actually she just wanted to eat his beard & then the tassel on his hat. It was so much fun and she did great.   We did Christmas with both sides of the families and loved being able to spend the night at our own house – get away from the madness some!  KC does Christmas really well.  I loved being here for the holidays.  Only 347 days until Christmas 2016! #letthecountdownbegin

IMG_2237I mean……