Infertility Timeline

  • Married June 6, 2009
  • Thanksgiving 2011: I am 4 days late and decide to take a pregnancy test. It is negative and we both (surprisingly) are bummed. We decide we are ready to start trying for “real”.
  • September 2012: Still not pregnant. Regroup with my OBGYN and she recommends preliminary Day 3 testing for me and an SA for Adam.  Testing comes back normal, but at my request she refers us to Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM).
  • November 2012: Meet with Dr. B at CCRM. She doesn’t see anything alarming from our charts and assumes that we might just need a little help (IUI) but has us both do all of the required testing.
  • January 2013: Regroup with Dr. B. Find out I have severe endometriosis that has caused cysts in both ovaries, a hydrosalpinx in my right tube (which is completely blocked). My left tube looks OK on HSG.   Laparoscopic surgery is scheduled for March.
  • March 2013: Surgery to remove cysts in ovaries and check tubes. Both tubes are completely overtaken by endometriosis. Dr. B makes a game-time decision and closes both off completely as risk for ectopic would be too high.   Thankfully, my ovaries and uterus still look great which means we are perfect candidates for IVF.
  • May 2013: First IVF cycle. Planning on a “freeze-all” cycle as I need additional months of treatment for my endometriosis before a transfer. 19 eggs retrieved, 18 mature, 13 fertilized. 10 embryos frozen on Day 5.
  • June & July 2013: Depot Lupron monthly shot. Prep for frozen embryo transfer starts at end of July.
  • August 2013: Transfer of 2, 5-day blasts on August, 26th.
  • September 2013: Pregnant! Ultrasound shows 1 beating heart. Due date is May 13, 2014.
  • December 2014: Its a BOY!
  • March 6, 2014: Water breaks at 30w2d gestation after a seemingly perfect, uncomplicated pregnancy.
  • March 13, 2014: Baby Cade arrives! 3 pounds 1 oz, 18 inches long
  • March 15, 2014: Cade passes away at 2:30am from a rare disease called Restrictive Dermopathy (RD)
  • April 2014: We find out we are both carriers of RD and it would be a 25% chance this happening again with future pregnancies
  • April/May 2014: Regroup with CCRM. Many questions that we need answered like can we test the remaining stored embryos? Yes! (THANK GOD) 4 out of the 8 can be tested.
  • June 2014: Find out 3 of our 4 embryos are approved for transfer. They were PGD tested for RD and CCS (comprehensive chromosome screened) tested.
  • July 2014: Transfer 1 embryo
  • August 2014: Pregnant! It’s a girl! Due Date April 2015
  • April 7, 2015: A HEALTHY baby girl arrives! Berkley Ann Griffin: 6lb. 12oz. 20.5in

4 thoughts on “Infertility Timeline

  1. Trisha F Reply

    Thank you for the timeline and all your amazing stories and faith.
    My husband carries a genetic disease that guarantees if we have a girl she’ll be very sick.
    But we can have healthy boys. So we’re looking into PGD with IVF as well as it is our only option of a guaranteed healthy child.
    It is a test of faith and love and you give it such a positive feeling. Thank you!

    1. andthencamebaby Reply

      Trisha- I am so sorry. IVF/PGD is stressful but truly amazing. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. Erica Reply

    I’m not sure how I found your blog today, but I needed it. I too have severe endo, got pregnant first round of IVF (after four years of trying), and then recently lost my twins to pre term birth. One had a random and fatal undetected (non-genetic) birth defect that caused labor at 20 weeks. She was stillborn but her brother lived for 55 minutes, too young for life support. I am encouraged by your will to try again. And success with it! I’m so afraid and sad to think about it. My doc wants me to wait over a year though, thoughts? Also, what kind of Endo treatment do you reference in the timeline, after surgery but before transfer? Thanks for writing the article and this blog!

    1. andthencamebaby Reply

      Erica- I am just so sorry and so heartbroken for you. We have some-what similar situations but you lost 2 babies. I hope you have some good support. Holly at also lost twins. She may be good for you to reach out to as well.
      I guess I would ask your doctor why he wants you to wait a year? Also, for endo they gave me Depot Lupron. Its a monthly shot that pretty much puts you into menopause. If I remember correctly, they did this because women with severe endo are at a higher risk for missing proteins in our uterus lining that are crucial for implantation. So pretty much it stopped my cycle, allowing my body to create these proteins. I hated being on it so with my second transfer they biopsied my lining to check for the proteins instead. Feel free to email direct:
      Lots of prayers headed your way.

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